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Recommended Listening: KNPR’s State of Nevadaknpr.org/programs/knprs-state-nevada — is a weekday conversation, 9am-10am, about the places Nevadans call home. Newsmakers and experts give context to local issues; discussion and profile interviews.

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Tiny But Mighty – An Imperiled Bee Could Make Big Impact On Mojave Ecosystem
RTC Transportation Summit Aims To Accelerate Silver State’s GreeningEvent info
Reactions Mixed To President Trump’s Border Emergency Declaration
New Administrator Hopes To Bring Interpreter Programs To More State Parks
New Governor, New Legislature–Will Left Turn Work For Nevada?
As Shutdown Drags On, Volunteers Step In To Clean Up Nevada’s National Parks, Rec Areas
The Grand Canyon That Almost Wasn’t: Protecting Protected Land – On a recent visit to the Grand Canyon, I did something I don’t normally do. I closed my eyes to hear what Southern Paiutes call the “songscape.”

Crowds Damaging Red Rock, Climbing Group Warns
Nevada’s Bonanza King Revisited
Question 3: Opponents Make Their Case – Opponents of Question 3 say it shouldn’t be a constitutional measure, and that its cost to implement is too high. (October 2018)

Question 3: Supporters Make Their Case – Advocates of the ballot question on changing how Nevada’s electricity market is regulated say if it is passed, customers will pay less to keep their lights on. (October 2018)

Mojave Desert Bird Species Have Declined By Almost Half – The Mojave Desert has gotten hotter and drier over the past 100 years, and this change has been especially hard on birds. (August 2018)

Changes Coming To Downtown Las Vegas
Wildflowers Blossom Across Nevada
As Deaths Hit Record High, What Can Las Vegas Do To Be Safer For Cyclists?


Will Nevada Lose Jobs If U.S. Sports Betting Is Legalized? JUN 29, 2017 – If you want to bet on sports legally in this country, you have to be in Nevada

Is Virtual Reality The Strip’s Next Savior? – As millennials eschew casino gaming, will video games be a way for companies to lure them back?

Documenting The Standoff At The Malheur Wildlife Refuge – A great thing about documentary films is that the filmmakers can shed new light on a news story.

Nevada Relies On A Mix Of Tactics, People In Yucca Mountain Fight – As advocates for turning Yucca Mountain into a nuclear waste repository work to revive the long-dormant project, the state of Nevada has countered with a strategy of erecting regulatory, legislative and judicial roadblocks.

John L. Smith, Tainted Money, And The Ethics Of Charitable Giving – Gambler Billy Walters was sentenced to five years in jail last month for an insider trading scam that involved Dean Foods.

Shark-Like Fossil Found In Elko – When you think of wildlife in Nevada, sharks don’t usually come to mind.

John L. Smith On The Bundy Retrial. Joyce Woodhouse And His Place In Vegas Rock History

John L. Smith On Goodman And LVCVA, And A Small Parking Issue – The Las Vegas Legends group is a collection of longtime locals who meet a couple times a year at the Omelet House on West Charleston Boulevard to talk about old times.


Nobody will live in a community that is not safe. – Mayor Carolyn Goodman, State of Nevada (August 29, 2017)

John L Smith

State of the State


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