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Tourism Trends 11.2017 Suzanne Becken


Kudos to Suzanne Becken for recording this video, a greeting for the World Travel Market, a snapshot of tourism trends in 2017.



Key Links
Lecture by Professor Susanne Becken, Griffith University, Australia at the WTM 2017 in London(link is external)

Interview with Faith Taylor at the World Travel & Tourism Council Summit(link is external)

Hotel Global Decarbonisation Report(link is external)

Tyrol instead of the tropics: For the sake of the environment, do not fly? (link is external)(Frankfurter Rundschau)

“There are too many questions and not enough answers,” said Susanne Becken, referring to the future of tourism. One of these unanswered questions, according to Professor of Sustainable Tourism at Griffith University, Australia, is: How can tourism become carbon neutral? In its contribution to this year’s World Travel Market (WTM) Responsible Tourism Day in early November, Becken pointed to the growth in global tourism of almost 5 percent. According to the UNWTO, more than 1.23 billion cross-border travel arrivals were counted worldwide in 2016. For comparison, in 1950 it was 25 million. This growth is accompanied by a huge increase in the carbon footprint of the industry. At the same time, the direction of the march should go in the opposite direction, according to the Paris Climate Agreement. –  Tourism Watch (translated from German)

Wie kann Tourismus klimaschonender werden? Indem man an den richtigen Stellschrauben dreht und den Wachstumskurs der Branche infrage stellt, sagt Susanne Becken, Professorin für nachhaltigen Tourismus an der australischen Griffith University


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