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Photo: Ron Mader, Royal Botanic Gardens (Some rights reserved)

Sydney, Australia manages more than 400 parks and open spaces to provide a sustainable, beautiful, functional, and inclusive green network for its community of 180,000 local residents and more than a million daily visitors. The park network plays a vital role in achieving the City’s vision of a green, global, and connected city by 2030.

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The Royal Botanical Gardens is an an oasis of 30 hectares in the central business district. Wrapped around Farm Cove at the edge of Sydney Harbour, the gardens were established in 1816. A cultural and educational garden — Cadi Jam Ora – First Encounters — captures the first years of contact among the British colonists and the Gadigal peoples. Access is free.

Botany Bay National Park is the site of first contact between the crew of James Cook’s Endeavour and the Aboriginal people of Australia in 1770. The park falls within the traditional lands of the Dharawal people. View more information on the Where cultures meet website.

Royal Botanic Gardens
Free for local and international visitors. Great walks to the harbour, Opera House, First Contact
Australian Institute of Botanical Science

The Domain

Centennial Park
Centennial Park, Sydney, is 220 hectares of rolling grasslands, paperbark forests and of course the Grand Drive, which encircles the park. But how many know that Grand Drive was intended to showcase the virtues of the rich for the lower classes to observe and emulate? This history of one of Sydney’s most significant recreation areas explores the moral and physical drivers for its development. Built to memorialise the centenary of colonisation, it was intended to uplift the common man with its sweeping vistas and educative plantings. But aside from its ideological purpose, in its 120 years of existence it has also seen its fair share of community battles, plans for Olympics sites, and downright filching – of land, and flora.

A park for the people
Centennial parklands website@centparklands
A random collection of historical information about Centennial Park, via Google

The People’s Park: A History of Centennial Park

Olympic Park

Bicentennial Park is a 100 hectare natural heritage site featuring an important wetland ecosystem and 40 hectares of parklands. Bicentennial Park was created by the state and federal governments during the 1980s, to celebrate Australia’s Bicentenary in 1988. The project involved recycling 47.4 hectares of former rubbish dump into a regional recreation area and the conservation of 53 hectares of a wetland ecosystem on the Parramatta River.

Blue Mountains

Marine Park
NPA Marine
November 9 Marine Forum: Celebrating Sydney’s Marine Environment

Parramata Park
18 March 1857 #Parramatta
Park formed with 200 acres for public use

Towra Point Nature Reserve is only 16 kilometers south of the centre of Sydney, at the mouth of the Georges River in Botany Bay.
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Malabar Headland

Webinar: More than just Green Space. Royal Botanic Gardens. Greater Sydney, Australia.

Visited by over half a billion people annually botanic gardens and arboreta globally have evolved significantly over the years to become plant conservation powerhouses. They are not only important green spaces, but they also play a critical role in a scientifically informed, co-ordinated, global effort to save plants from extinction.

Our three amazing Botanic Gardens (Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan and Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah) and Sydney’s stage ‘the Domain’, bring together horticulture, living collections, plant science, recreation, public education and engagement for more than 6 million visitors annually. We are uniquely positioned to address many of the challenges associated with preserving plant diversity for the benefit of people and the planet. We pride ourselves on providing solutions to critical environmental challenges facing all life on earth and improving the quality of people’s lives through joyous connections to our inspiring public spaces. We are more than just green space…


  • Do the parks have volunteer programs?
  • 2022-2032 is the International Decade of Indigenous Languages? What are the programs that highlight Aboriginal culture?

Parks in Sydney
The Domain, Sydney
Protected areas of New South Wales


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