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Capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the largest of the eight state capitals and has a population of 4.3 million. Founded in 1788, Sydney is the oldest European settlement in Australia.

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Natural World
Sydney is located on Port Jackson, commonly known as Sydney Harbour. The harbor is dotted with small islands.

The Rails Trails campaign establishes nature reserves and hiking and biking tracks along railway lines.

What are the most interesting city parks to visit?

Spring Cycle, organised by Bicycle New South Wales, is the city’s largest bike ride.

Cultural World
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most famous structures in the world, and today visitors can climb it. The bridge has connected Sydney with the harbour’s Norh Shore since 1932. It is the world’s largest (but not longest) steel-arch bridge. It was beaten in length by 70 centimeters by New York’s Bayonne Bridge, which opened just four months earlier.

Parramatta is the economical capital of western Sydney.

Sydney Opera House
The iconic Sydney Opera House is one of the world’s most famous structures and is located on the traditional land of the Eora people. It was funded by the sale of lottery tickets. Local plants on the grounds of the Opera House include grovillia and banksia.

Sydney’s market scene provides shoppers with a number of options.

Sydney hosted the 2000 Olympic Games at Olympic Park. Local rugby clubs include the Waratahs and Sydney Roosters.

Sydney and Melbourne compete for the title of culinary capital of the country.

Founded in 1788, Sydney is the oldest European settlement in Australia. Sydney began as a penal colony. Captain Arthur Phillip, leader of the First Fleet from Britain landed. Phillip named Sydney after the British Home secretary, Thomas Townshend, Lord Sydney. The first European inhabitants were convicts and soldiers.

Business Travel
Sydney is Australia’s financial hub.

All foreigners except New Zealanders require visas for all visits to Australia. Details

In 1994, a strange tree was discovered only 100 kilometers from Sydney in the Blue Mountains (Katoomba). The tree turned out to be a living fossil, a tree thought to have become extinct millions of years ago. Only 40 specimens existed in the wild. The incredible discovery is documented in James Woodford’s The Wollemi Pine. Penrith is the gateway to the magical Blue Mountains.

Those interested in aboriginal tourism should visit the Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Wollongong is Australia’s ninth largest city and is located 80 kilometers south of Sydney and is bordered by the Royal National Park.

TransportationSydney Airport (code: SYD) is located 8 kilometers from downtown.

City Rail offers the DayTripper pass, an all-in-one day ticket that gives travelers unlimited rides on trains, buses and ferries within the Sydney suburban area, unlimited travel on Sydney Buses and Sydney Ferries.

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