Lingo Cards (Some rights reserved) Crisis = Critical event or point of decision which if not handled in a timely and appropriate and manner, may turn into a disaster. Videos Crisis Watch – Media Bytes Embedded Tweets WikipediaFailed state

Constitutional Crisis

Lingo Cards Constitutional Crisis = conflict in the function of a government that the political constitution or other fundamental governing law is perceived to be unable to resolve HeadlinesTrump-white-house-letter-democrats-impeachmentTrump lashes out at Dem talk of ‘constitutional crisis’

Climate Crisis

Lingo Cards (Some rights reserved) Climate Crisis = the adverse affects of global climatic changes HeadlinesLast Century’s Approach to Journalism Is Useless in a Climate Crisis – TNR‘Hypocrites and greenwash’: Greta Thunberg blasts leaders over climate crisisWhy the Guardian is changing the language it uses about the environment Embedded Tweets WikipediaGlobal warming

Tourism, Crisis, and Communication

Photo: Wilma When a crisis affects a particular place, it is rarely presented in a way that provides updated information for visitors. Many tourism businesses, not to mention regional and national ministries and campaigns, are reluctant to voice concerns. Scaremongering kicks in and things go from bad to worse. The consequence for not engaging the …

Las Vegas Strong #VegasStrong

Poster Las Vegas – October 1, 2017 marked the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history. Other outlets have more details of the attack, and we are keeping an eye on developments and the responses to this tragedy. The toll from the attack: 58 people killed, 527 people injured. Las Vegas is a city built on …

When is bus service expected to resume in Oaxaca? = ¿Cuando reanude el servicio de autobuses en Oaxaca? #OaxacaNow (July 2016)

oaxaca bus Social protests continue in Oaxaca, Mexico. July is normally a festive month in the southern Mexican state, but with blockades and marches occurring the past two months, visitor cancellations have been on the increase. More disturbing is the news that the ADO Bus Terminal has been blockaded the past two weeks (late night …