Photo: Richard Walker, 2010 New Zealand Earthquake = Sudden and violent shaking of the ground, sometimes causing great destruction, as a result of movements within the crust of the Earth or volcanic action Translating: EarthquakeFrench: Tremblement de terreGerman: ErdbebenSpanish: Sismo, Terremoto Mé[email protected] USALatesthttps://earthquake.usgs.gov Nevada/CaliforniaRecent Earthquakes in California and Nevada – @SCEC Features

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Lingo Cards Links related to earthquakes presented in somewhat random fashion: Headlinesthe-strange-tectonic-coincidence-of-mexicos-september-earthquakes Yourself During an Earthquake… Drop, Cover, and Hold On! [email protected]_be Embedded Tweets Earthquake Fatigue AppsShakeAlertLA Earthquake Early Warning (Los Angeles) Recommended ListeningEarthquakes and their prediction – Earth scientist and author Peter James from Dunalley in Tasmania discusses the nature of earthquakes and the …

Los rescatistas = The rescuers (2017)

Buzzwords File under Learn Spanish Los rescatistas = The rescuers On the heels of Mexico’s 8.2 and 7.1 earthquakes is the phenomenal work of rescue, response and recovery. Also see: #perrosrescatistas, los héroes en cuatro patas tras los terremotos Headlines¿Te acuerdas de Frida? Así vive ahora la famosa labrador rescatista Embedded Tweets Search Dogs

Earthquakes in Mexico 09.2017

Mexico flag September 2017 – Mexico has experienced two major earthquakes after its strongest earthquake in a century. Curating Facebook posts and tweets. Comenzó el rescate Los rescatistas Key Links Hashtags: #sismocdmx #Sismo Headlines Facebook Twitter Moment Mexico earthquake Crisis Oaxaca Mexico City Earthquakes