Photo: Patrick Nouhailler, Night (Some rights reserved) While Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherands, the seat of government is the Hague and the provincial capital is Haarlem. Google 2025 In 2025 #Amsterdam will celebrate its 750th anniversary. The perfect moment to join the family of National Park Cities and act together with other …


Photo: Víctor Vázquez López/WIPO, City of Bern (Some rights reserved) Switzerland is bordered by Germany to the north, France to the west, Italy to the south, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east. Google Cities


Photo: David Nichols, St David’s: St Justinian (Some rights reserved) Wales (Cymru) is a very green and largely rural country which is part of the United Kingdom bordered by England to its east, and the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea to its west. Google Parks Cities

Czech Republic

Photo: Nan Palmero, Praha hlavní nádraží (Some rights reserved) The Czech Republic (Czechia) borders Poland to the northeast, Germany to the west and northwest, Austria to the south and Slovakia to the east. The capital and largest city is Prague. HeadlinesWelcome to Jáchymov: the Czech town that invented the dollar – BBCEscape the Prague Tourists …

South Wind Blows

Logo Recommended listening: Ireland’s fabulous music show South Wind Blows – – is presented by Philip King and crafted on the edge of Europe, from the most westerly tip. “The music is eclectic and personal, informed by Kings’ own music odyssey spanning more than 30 years and enriched by his personal archive collected out …


Photo: Tristan Schmurr, Make it happen (Some rights reserved) Spotlight on Luxembourg, a landlocked country in western Europe. It is bordered by Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east, and France to the south. Google


Photo: Matthias Ripp, Regensburg (Some rights reserved) Germany (Deutschland) is bordered to the north by the North Sea, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea; to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic; to the south by Austria and Switzerland; and to the west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. Google Cities Features


Photo: Dennis Jarvis, Kraków Flowers (Some rights reserved) Poland is bordered by Germany to the west; the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south; Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania to the east; and the Baltic Sea and Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave, to the north. Google Cities


Photo: Irene Mei, End of the Day (Some rights reserved) Ukraine is bordered by Russia to the east; Belarus to the north; Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to the west; Romania and Moldova to the southwest; and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south. The capital is Kiev. Google Maps WikipediaUkraineLviv Cities


Photo: Carlos Buj, Lithuania (Some rights reserved) Lithuania shares borders with Latvia to the north, Belarus to the southeast, Poland, and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad to the southwest. Google