Photo: Ville Miettinen, Temple Bar (Dublin) Ireland has two official languages, English and Gaeilge (Irish). While everybody learns both at school, less than 5% of the population speaks Gaeilge on a daily basis. Google HeadlinesIreland becomes world’s first country to divest from fossil fuels Recommended Listening Cities


Photo: Patrick Nouhailler, Night While Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherands, the seat of government is the Hague and the provincial capital is Haarlem. 2025 HeadlinesIn Empty Amsterdam, Reconsidering Tourism – NYTAmsterdam to embrace ‘doughnut’ model to mend post-coronavirus economy – Guardian Natural WorldAmsterdam is located on the banks of two bodies of water, …


Photo: Ray Morris, Stonehenge Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument and ultimate roadside attraction in Wiltshire, England, 2 miles (3 km) west of Amesbury and 8 miles (13 km) north of Salisbury. It consists of a ring of standing stones, with each standing stone around 13 ft (4.1 meters) high, 6 ft 11 in (2.1 meters) wide …


Photo: GSFC, Snow in Italy Italy is located on the Italian Peninsula in Southern Europe and on the two largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily and Sardinia. Italy shares its northern, Alpine boundary with France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. The independent states of San Marino and the Vatican City are enclaves within the Italian …


Photo: Thames Barrier England shares land borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west; and adjoins the Irish Sea to the northwest, the Celtic Sea to the southwest and the North Sea to the east. The English Channel separates it from continental Europe. Google Cities Parks Places


Photo: Michael Matti, Lakes Croatia borders Slovenia and Hungary to the north, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast, and Serbia and Montenegro to the east. Google WikipediaDayton AgreementYugoslaviaCroatia Cities


Photo: Michael Matti, Ljubljana Slovenia is bordered by Austria, Italy, Croatia, and Hungary. The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is home to just under 300,000 people and the cultural, administrative and economic center of the country. Famous for its environmental conservation, the city was named European Green Capital in 2016. HeadlinesFrom no recycling to zero waste: …


Photo: Irene Mei Ukraine is bordered by Russia to the east; Belarus to the north; Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to the west; Romania and Moldova to the southwest; and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south. The capital is Kiev. Questions What would locals like visitors to know about the Ukraine? = …


Photo: Royston Rascals Latvia is bordered by Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south, Russia to the east, and Belarus to the southeast, and shares a maritime border with Sweden to the west. Google WikipediaLatvia