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Photo: Woven Case, Veronica Lazo Mendoza Apps = Applications Special shoutout and thanks to Veronica Lazo Mendoza for weaving my first case for an iphone/ipod (photo). Questions What are your favorite apps? What apps do you use while traveling? What apps would you like to exist? Social Web Appshttps://www.planeta.com/facebookhttps://www.planeta.com/flickrhttps://www.planeta.com/google-mapshttps://www.planeta.com/housepartyhttps://www.planeta.com/myradarhttps://www.planeta.com/nextdoorhttps://www.planeta.com/twitterhttps://www.planeta.com/youtubehttps://www.planeta.com/whatsapp Streaming Mediahttps://www.planeta.com/hooplahttps://www.planeta.com/radio-paradisehttps://www.planeta.com/youtube-music Transportationhttps://www.planeta.com/uber Planeta.com

Favorite People and Places in Oaxaca City

Artwork Not only do ‘places of interest’ feed our souls, moreso the ‘people of interest’ – the locals and visitors. While I cannot physically be in Oaxaca de Juárez , I would like to give a Planeta.com shoutout to some of our favorite people and places in Oaxaca City, Mexico. Here’s where to meet our …

What is your fave protected area? #FavouriteProtectedArea

Hashtags What is your fave / favourite / favorite protected area? Protected Planet is sharing people’s top memories and photos throughout the month of April to celebrate the World Database on Protected Areas’ 60th birthday (April 1!) ?? and asks what’s your fave protected area? #FavouriteProtectedArea? It's the World Database on Protected Areas' 60th birthday! …

Podcast Faves 2018

Poster As we unveil our favorite podcasts of 2018, it is a good time to reflect on the act of listening. When we are mindfully aware of our senses, we are rarely speaking. We are absorbing – listening, seeing, touching, tasting, smelling. Podcasts and good radio ask that we listen.  Podcasts create a world co-created …