Food Desert

Buzzwords Food desert = urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food HeadlinesThe farm sending meals to children in a food desert WikipediaFood_desert


Photo: Teotitlán del Valle Tortilla = a thin, flat pancake of cornmeal, eaten hot or cold, typically with a savory filling Translating: TortillaAyöök: Kaaky Náhuatl Embedded Tweets El alimento necesario, de Guillermo Planeta

Cheese Links

Photo: Melting cheese Links related to cheese presented in somewhat random fashion: HeadlinesNachbarin darf kein Stinkeschild mehr klebenThe Best Places in the World to Vacation If You Love CheeseFollow the Cheese TrailWorld’s surliest grilled cheese cart – Boing BoingCroatian discovery pushes the date of cheese-making back 4,000 years Embedded Tweets Recommended ListeningMicrobiology of Cheese – …


Photo: Oaxaca Mushrooms Mushroom = a fungal growth that typically takes the form of a domed cap on a stalk, with gills on the underside of the cap Fungi are the Fourth Kingdom of the living world, but their role in ecology is often overlooked. FeaturesThe future is fungal: why the ‘megascience’ of mycology is …

Vegas Food

Photo: Skyline Food and dining in Las Vegas HeadlinesLas Vegas is Having a Food Moment That Couldn’t Happen Anywhere ElseIn Vegas, Pigs eat for freeLas Vegas Off the Eaten Path – NYT50 must-eat Las Vegas meals Elsewhere on the Restaurantsblacksheepvegas.comFacebook SteakThe Steak House – Circus Circus Tiki Barsfive-tiki-bars-to-visit-to-beat-the-heat – Las Vegas Sun Craft BeerDowntown …


Photo: Beth Kanter, Cheoung Kok Rice = Seeds of a grass that is widely cultivated as a source of food FYIThe oldest records of rice cultivation trace it to South India, where it has been grown for more than 8,000 years. Wild rice is the state grain of Minnesota. VendorsWhite Earth Wild Rice – Facebook …


Photo: Fidel’s farm Agriculture = the practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products WikipediaAgricultureRight to farm


Photo: Melissa Biggs, Teosintle Teocinte is the wild ancestor plant from which corn was domesticated as a crop by the Indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica. Elsewhere on the WebUn recorrido por la historia del teocintle, el antepasado del maí Embedded Tweets Videos CONABIO Teocintle, el grano de los dioses WikipediaZea perennisZea