Verbs Harvest = To gather a crop Harvesting the last tomatoes before the freeze #newyearsday #garden #plating #usatuvoz pic.twitter.com/5LOWhpnEmM — Ron Mader (@ronmader) January 1, 2019 Planeta.com La Cosecha Market

Oaxaca Markets: Lila, Lucia. Lucia, Lila.

Lila, Lucia. Lucia, Lila. This video makes me happy. Today at La Cosecha in Oaxaca City, Mexico: La Cosecha Oaxaca (Alcalá #806, Centro) is a new initiative based on the work of long-time friends and allies. In Planeta.com’s continuing coverage and amplification of the wonders of Oaxacan markets, we’re excited to see live video, particularly …