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Photo: David Ceballos, Tortuga Bay (Some rights reserved) Links related to South America presented in somewhat random fashion: Las Cocinas de Suramerica Rafael Cartay Angulohttps://www.rafaelcartay.com WikipediaCapybara Countries Planeta

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Photo: Ron Mader, Wetlands Park (Some rights reserved) What would insiders like others to know about city parks? Presenting relevant links in a somewhat random fashion: HeadlinesWhen Parks Were Radical – The Atlantic Recommended ListeningLoving nature and revitalized cities – Lawyers write the rules which underpin our economy. So with a little legal imagination can …


Photo: Cybershot, Spider Web (Some rights reserved) Link = a relationship between two things or situations has featured external links since our launch in 1994. Why not promote others? We are committed to widening and deepening circles of appreciation and understanding of environmental and cultural treasures. Often the ‘links’ page for a place or …

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Photo Links to links presented in somewhat random fashion: HeadlinesComedian Says Barstool Sports Stole Her Video, Tried To Bribe Her With $50 Gift Card [Update] – Deadspin Features