September 29 is National Corn Day in Mexico #DíaNacionaldelMaíz

Poster: La Cosecha Market Maíz, also known as corn, is a large grain plant first domesticated by Indigenous peoples in Mexico about 10,000 years ago. The country celebrates September 29 as Día Nacional del Maíz (National Corn Day). Hashtag: #DíaNacionaldelMaíz is curating tweets and other info that show off the variety and vulnerability of traditional corn in Mexico. …

Corn = Maíz =

Photo: Maíces biodiversidad y cultura (Museo Cabañas), Guadalajara Maíz, also known as corn, is a large grain plant first domesticated by Indigenous peoples in Mexico about 10,000 years ago. CelebrationsSeptiembre = September: Mes de Maíz (Corn Month) (Mexico) September 29 Día Nacional del Maíz (Mexico) Translating: CornSpanish: MaízAyöök: Tëëmt (Seed) Features


Photo: Melissa Biggs, Teosintle Teocinte is the wild ancestor plant from which corn was domesticated as a crop by the Indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica. Elsewhere on the Web Un recorrido por la historia del teocintle, el antepasado del maíz Videos Wikipedia Zea perennis Zea Corn = Maíz = Conabio Wild Mexico (México Silvestre)


Photo: Andrea and Noe’s Nicuatole Nicuatole is a traditional dessert in Oaxaca, Mexico made of from ground corn and sugar. Embedded Tweets En #Oaxaca, se puede saborear el exquisito Nicuatole, no dejes de probarlo. #TwitterOax,#México,#Ví — Te Invito a Oaxaca (@TeInvitoaOaxaca) June 8, 2016 Wikipedia Nicuatole México Mexico’s Food and Culinary Adventures Corn = …

Guelaguetza 2017

Poster: Ron Mader, Guelaguetza 2017 This year the #Guelaguetza is going to get you … online. Este año la #Guelaguetza va a conseguir que estés en línea. Guelaguetza is performed four times – twice on Monday the 17 and again on Monday 24, 8am-noon Vegas time, 10am-2pm Oaxaca and from 3-7pm Vegas time and 5-9pm …