International Mother Language Day

Poster: International Mother Language Day = Dia Internacional de la Lengua Materna February 21 is International Mother Language Day declared by UNESCO in 1999 to celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. Events, workshops and even tweets on this date promote awareness. Hashtags: #MotherLanguageDay, #DiaDeLaLenguaMaterna, #dilm, #LenguaMaterna has paid special attention to this celebration …


Photo: La Primavera There are changes afoot in ‘Tierra del Sol,’ this southern Mexican state blessed with mountains, verdant valleys, and a beautiful coast on the Pacific Ocean. Tip: Oaxaca is pronounced ‘wa-HA-ka’ Google Amazon.comMoon Travel Oaxaca Parks Cities and Towns Features

Ayöök = Mixe

Indigenous Peoples Zoom Classes Servicos del Pueblo Mixe is livestreaming Videos Soundcloud HeadlinesAyuujk Marginalia marginal: Memoria y transcripciónAyuujk: Las lenguas incómodasAyuujk: Sobre calabazas y chilacayotes. Lengua, palabras y visión del mundo Elsewhere on the ChilesChile mixe, desde tiempos prehispánicos y aplicaciones no culinarias Embedded Tweets [email protected]@[email protected]@Colmixe Features Foods


Photo: Marco introduces Kumoontun Oaxaca, Mexico – Kumoontun is the Ayöök (Mixe) word for tequio or collective work. This initiative promotes research, awareness, and reflection on what happens in Ayöök community life. Key [email protected] Pixk Webinars Publication Features App 2020 2019 – Now Available For Mac OS! Periscope For a multilingual Internet Embedded Tweets Twitter …

Ayöök Vocabulary from Santa María Ocotepec (Maaxïnkojm), Oaxaca, México

Photo: Ceramics Publisher’s note – This page is regularly in the Top 10 most visited pages on = Algo sorprendente. Esta página se encuentra regularmente en las 10 páginas más visitadas en Here are key Ayöök (Mixe) words and phrases used in Santa María Ocotepec (Maaxïnkojm) and translated in Spanish and English. If …