Buzzwords Eclipse = An obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination. Headlines 2020 december 14The 1919 Solar Eclipse and General Relativity’s First Major Triumph Elsewhere on the WebEarth SkyHow to watch a total eclipse of the …

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Photo: ESA/A.Gerst, Lunar Eclipse Links related to Earth’s moon presented in somewhat random fashion: 2020 QuotesBut why, some say, the moon? Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask why climb the highest mountain? Why, 35 years ago, fly the Atlantic? Why does Rice play Texas? – President John F. Kennedy, source …


Photo: NASA Goddard, Moonshot, 2015 The Moon is an astronomical body that orbits planet Earth and is Earth’s only permanent natural satellite. It is the fifth-largest natural satellite in the Solar System. Translating MoonSpanish: Luna Photos Embedded Tweets Anniversary: July 20, 1969


Buzzwords Supermoon = the phenomenon whereby the moon appears particularly large in the sky owing to the coincidence of its closest approach to the earth (the perigee) with a full (or new) moon Elsewhere on the Web WikipediaSupermoon