Reconciliation Tourism

Lingo Cards Reconciliation Tourism = a way for non-Indigenous visitors to learn about Indigenous experiences and learn from their cultures HeadlinesHow Indigenous tourism can help bring about reconciliation in Australia ResearchReconciliation Tourism: Tourism Healing Divided Societies Recommended ListeningMyfWarhurst (starting at 1:20:00) Embedded Tweets


Lingo Cards (Some rights reserved) Reconciliation = Restoration of friendly relations HeadlinesThe uncomfortable truth about ReconciliationReconciliation requires action. ‘Awareness’ is not the end game. – @NITV National Reconciliation Week (Australia) Videos

Australia’s National Reconciliation Week 2017

May 27-June 3 is National Reconciliation Week in Australia.[email protected] Each year National Reconciliation Week (NRW) celebrates and builds on the respectful relationships shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians. The theme for NRW 2017 is ‘Let’s take the next steps’ This National Reconciliation Week reflects on two significant anniversaries in …