Rescue Animals

Lingo Cards (Some rights reserved) Rescue Animal = Animal that has been placed in a new home after being abused, neglected, or abandoned by its previous owner Also see: rescue dog HeadlinesNewsmax Host and Guests Skewered After Mocking President Biden’s Senior Dog, Champ Elsewhere on the Webmutts.comdamerican [email protected] Southern Nevada USA / Utahhttp://www.bestfriends.org USA / …


Verbs Rescue = To save someone/something from a dangerous or distressing situation QuotesThe first step in rescuing culture is recognizing that you’ve lost to some of your culture. We don’t recognize that we’ve lost 50% of our language. – Hugo Antonio Santiago:

Los rescatistas = The rescuers (2017)

Buzzwords File under Learn Spanish Los rescatistas = The rescuers On the heels of Mexico’s 8.2 and 7.1 earthquakes is the phenomenal work of rescue, response and recovery. Also see: #perrosrescatistas, los héroes en cuatro patas tras los terremotos Headlines¿Te acuerdas de Frida? Así vive ahora la famosa labrador rescatista Embedded Tweets Search Dogs

Henderson’s Bark in the Park 2017

Poster (Some rights reserved) March 4 Bark in the Park,10am-2pm, Cornerstone Park Henderson, Nevada hosted the 14th annual Bark In the Park, a celebration of our canine friends with dozens of informational and vendor booths and lots of beautiful dogs needing forever homes.  Facebook event page It’s a refreshing change of pace for dog lovers, …