Third Place

Buzzwords Third Place = A place that is not home nor office but used for social bridging Examples of third places are environments including cafes, churches, public libraries, markets, and parks. Also called: Third Space Quotes The corporate office or home are the two polar options for work, and I think what is missing is …

Antisocial Networking

Buzzwords Antisocial Networking = Presence on the social web but never actually communicating to anybody after establishing an account Elsewhere on the Web Urban Dictionary New York Times Networking What is the Social Web? The Value of Communication = El Valor de la Comunicación The Value of Collaboration


Photo Socialize = To mix socially with others Embedded Tweets Today in downtown Las Vegas #dtlv #rtcbikeshare — Ron Mader (@ronmader) November 18, 2018 Verbs Dog Park Weak Ties

Social Bridging

Buzzwords Social bridging = People making connections to others who are not like them, who have different backgrounds, ages, races, professions Also see: popup museum, photo safari Quotes I really care about creating experiences in museums that facilitate social bridging – people connecting with other people who aren’t like them. I want to create safe …

A Slow, Local, Adventure in the Arts: Gallery Weekend Mexico #GWM

September 23-25 Gallery Weekend Mexico Hashtag: #GWM If you are in Mexico City this weekend, our slow local adventure of choice would be to ride the free shuttles in between some fantastic art galleries. Plus, tonight there are cocktails and there is nothing like seeing art in person to make one thirsty. Un mezcal más, por favor. …