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Photo: Rugby What would insiders like others know about sports? Presenting relevant links in a somewhat random fashion: HeadlinesThe Billionaire Playbook: How Sports Owners Use Their Teams to Avoid Millions in TaxesNative American Imagery in Sports : Is this a Whole New Ball Game?The Potentially Exciting Future of Sports on TV – The RingerWhat Would …

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Photo: Jonathan Moreau, Astroturf Logo Links related to the NFL presented in somewhat random fashion: MiscThe first Superbowl was not called Superbowl. First name: AFL-NFL World Championship Game DraftThe 2021 NFL Draft will be held in Cleveland. The 2022 draft is headed for Las ScoreboardESPN Scoreboard Color RushWikipedia Videos AFL / Full …


Poster Spotlight: Olympics … 2028 2032The IOC Says the 2032 Olympics Are Coming to Brisbane – The Nation Headlines Recommended listeningThe dark history beneath the Olympic glitter – Late Night Live – As the Olympics evolved through the 20th century the Games developed an uglier side, dabbling in dubious politics and propaganda. Previous


Photo: Ray Morris Spotlight on rugby Elsewhere on the Web World Cup


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