Verbs Walk = To move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn Headlineswalkable-city-walk-score-economy Recommended ListeningAn unplanned wandering with Francesco Careri HeadlinesFrancesco Careri, Walkscapes: Walking as an Aesthetic Practice Elsewhere on the WebTalking WalkingMuseum of Walking – @museumofwalking Planeta.com


Verbs Listen = To give one’s attention to a sound We hear you. And if we do not hear you, we would like to. Embedded Tweetshttps://twitter.com/joseybalenger/status/993893706234122241https://twitter.com/_ListenProject/status/962837019821883392https://twitter.com/mikronesia/status/980748784664809477 Planeta.comhttps://www.planeta.com/listeninghttps://www.planeta.com/listening-linkshttps://www.planeta.com/communicationhttps://www.planeta.com/soundscapehttps://www.planeta.com/bioscapes17https://www.planeta.com/airpodshttps://www.planeta.com/biophanyhttps://www.planeta.com/attentionhttps://www.planeta.com/eavesdrophttps://www.planeta.com/senseshttps://www.planeta.com/world-listening-dayhttps://www.planeta.com/roofdog-talk-listen


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Verbs Flow = To go from one place to another in a steady stream, typically in large numbers Also see Flow Psychology = Mental state reached when abilities are matched by challenges Planeta.com Flow Psychology Block Verbs