Wild Mexico (México Silvestre)

Photo: Semarnat, Contacto con la naturaleza Planeta.com spotlights biodiversity and conservation in Mexico. This page collects relevant links and resources related to the parks and reserves, archaeological sites and world heritage sites across the country. Suggestions are welcome. 2020 Parks Government Agencies Wildlife Celebrations Planeta.com

Communication and Conservation in Mexico (2017)

Mexico City – Thursday, October 26 Universum hosts a seminar on Communication and Conservation. The Spanish-language discussion will have livestreaming video beginning at 10:30am (Mexico time). Do not miss this! = ¡No faltes! Speakers include Carlos Galindo, Gustavo M. Ballesté, Jatziri Pérez, Jaime Rojo and Exequiel Ezcurra. Key Links Ecovalor http://ecovalor.mx https://livestream.com/CienciaUNAM/ecovalormx https://www.facebook.com/EcoValor-Mx-205791496441661 Universum Universum, …