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Tamazulapan del Progreso

Photo: Eduardo Robles Pacheco, Iglesia

Tamazulapan del Progreso Villa de Tamazulapan del Progreso boasts a variety of cultural and natural attractions.

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Natural World
Near the town are the hot water springs, whirlpools and the Olympic-sized pool in the Balneario Atonalzin. The sulfurous springs bubble up from the rocky cliff behind the pool. Small admission charge.

Other attractions include the Chorritos and Tinitas waterfalls and a small canyon near town.

Cultural World
The Dominican Church and ex-convent of Santa María de la Natividad has a restored baroque altarpiece from the 16th century by the painter, cabinetmaker and sculptor Andres de la Concha. The church also has one of the state’s most famous historic organs.

The city hall (palacio municipal) is one of prettiest in the country with 25 arches. There’s also a kiosk built out of pink sandstone.

Local saints days are celebrated on May 3rd (Dia de la Cruz) and September 8th.

Regional cuisine is some of the best in the country and dishes can be ordered at restaurants or purchased at the municipal market. Breads include semites, encaladas. Meat specialities include lamb barbecue. Drinks include pulque and tepache. Sweets include chocolate and traditional candies.

Market day is Wednesday. The tianguis attracts Indigenous crafts, including pottery, hats, and woven goods.

Villa de Tamazulapan del Progreso is located 80 miles north of Oaxaca City.

Transportation — If you are driving from Oaxaca City, take Highway 131-D to Nochixtlán, then turn on Federal Road 190 that goes north to Huajuapan until you arrive at Tamazulapan. The trip takes about two hours.


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