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The Plan For The Future of Nature Tourism in Tasmania Should Say WHAT? (2021)


Webinar: March 31, 6pm Hobart/Midnight Pacific – The Plan For The Future of Nature Tourism in Tasmania Should Say WHAT?

Wilderness Society Tasmania: Tasmanian tourism’s T21-T21 Visitor Economy Action Plan commits the island to being “a global leader in responsible and sustainable tourism” and “being more deliberate” in “more deliberate in its agenda for responsible and sustainable tourism, holistically, environmentally, culturally, economically and at a community level”. But it doesn’t really say HOW this will be achieved. That’s where YOU come in. The purpose of this event to begin identifying HOW – what are the ways that we can create tourism activities that are responsible, look after the place, even better, regenerate ecosystems? How can conservationists and tourism operators work together better? How can the First Tasmanians, the palawa-pakana peoples, have a stronger role, greater prominence and more of a say in tourism activities? In short, how can the island set the standard others look to and be a true world leader in responsible, ethical, regenerative, nature-centric tourism? Consider this event the first of several where we crowd source practical, ambitious and innovative solutions to these and related challenges.

Confirmed speakers – with a couple more in the pipeline:
Kate Johnson (Tas Wilderness Guides Association)
Freya Higgins-Desbiolles (University of South Australia) @freyahd
Can Seng Ooi (University of Tasmania) @cansengooi
Fiona Weaver (Tassie Bound Adventure Tours)
MC: Jimmy Cordwell @ItsJimmyNails

Key Links


  • What is the status of nature tourism in Tasmania?
  • What would locals like visitors to know about Tasmania?
  • Will the Wilderness Society Lutruwita/Tasmania video be available for later on-demand viewing?

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Tasmania’s nature tourism numbers jump to 1.4m in 2017-18


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