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Teachers’ Day

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Translating: Teachers’ Day
Spanish: Día del Maestro


May 15 Mexico

October 5 World Teachers Day

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History of May 15
Mexico’s first Teachers’ Day was celebrated on May 15, 1918. There are 2 possible reasons for the choice of this date. Firstly, it is the date when the Mexican army, which supported President Benito Juarez, seized the city of Querétaro in central Mexico on May 15, 1867. Secondly, it is believed that students gathered to celebrate the birthday of a teacher named after Saint Isidore the Laborer who died on May 15. – Time and date

Marcha Sección 22 y declara paro laboral masivo de 72 horas en Oaxaca
Marcha magisterio de Oaxaca por el Día del Maestro (2018)

List of Teachers’ Days


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