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Photo: Jocelyn Erskine-Kellie, La Escalinata

Wikipedia: Teruel is a city in Aragon, located in eastern Spain, and is also the capital of Teruel Province. It has a population of 35,675 in 2014 making it the least populated provincial capital in the country. It is noted for its harsh climate, with a very big daily variation on temperatures and its renowned jamón serrano (cured ham), its pottery, its surrounding archaeological sites, rock outcrops containing some of the oldest dinosaur remains of the Iberian Peninsula, and its famous events: La Vaquilla del Ángel during the weekend (Friday to Monday) closest to 10 July and “Bodas de Isabel de Segura” around the third weekend of February.

El País: Can sustainable tourism help to stop depopulation in Spain? The project of the Sierra de Guadarrama The landscapes of the Sierra de Madrid sit at the table is an example of yes. It involves municipalities, producers, restaurants and travel agents and training workshops are organized for a better commercialization of the agri-food product of the area. The result is that tourists naturally approach the local genre and contribute to the economy of the region with the consumption of their products. Teruel, one of the most unpopulated provinces of the country, is another example. Its Provincial Council organizes the Sustainable Tourism Seminar to raise public and private awareness of this relationship. Albarracín, located in this province, was chosen last year as the most beautiful town in Spain by readers of EL PAÍS and represents an example of recovering a rich multicultural history that directly affects the attraction of quality tourism.


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