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Among the contested stories in 2021. Example from the University of Texas, a continuing battle over the ‘Eyes of Texas’ song:

UT-Austin report links “The Eyes of Texas” to minstrel shows but not Robert E. Lee, says song is “not overtly racist”
UT-Austin football players say they were forced to stay on field for “The Eyes of Texas” to appease angry donors and fans – Texas Tribune
The Red-Hot Battle Over UT’s ‘Eyes of Texas’
The Eyes of Texas: Racist tradition or cornerstone of school spirit?@thedailytexanUniversity of Texas Longhorn band won’t play “The Eyes of Texas” this weekend after some members say they’re unwilling
Replacing ‘Eyes of Texas’ among changes requested by Texas athletes – CBS Sports
Longhorns Troubled by School Song’s Past – ABC

The Eyes of Texas History Committee Report (PDF)

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