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Locals and visitors have never been as connected as they are today. This newfound awareness is both local and global, and the awareness of one to the other is undergoing a wired and wireless transformation. So how does this impact Mexico’s Tianguis Turistíco?

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We hear more from the ministers and consultants than from business owners, the guides, the artisans and other locals who are front-line ambassadors for national and international visitors. The president’s press releases will be published online, but try to seek out directories of Indigenous artisans and where to find their work.

Live video is a must. Remote participants need access to presentations and press conferences. Any tourism event worth its salt this year has livestreaming video starting with the exhibitors — show us your stand. Tip: Use your Facebook account or Periscope. “Pictures or it didn’t happen” has been usurped by “Livestreaming video or it’s not happening.”

Some background: I have fond memories of attending Mexico’s Tianguis Turístico, twice when I won the ‘Lente de Plata’ award for Planeta in 1999 and 2002. That said, if the objective is to bring visitors to Mexico, the Tianguis, like most travel trade shows, needs to be re-imagined.

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Tianguis Turistíco

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How does Tianguis neutralize its carbon output?
How will Tianguis contribute to the conservation of local biodiversity?
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Is there a directory of Indigenous-owned tourism services?
Where are Mexico’s tourism press releases posted online?
What is the status of ecotourism and sustainable tourism in Mexico?

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