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Transforming Travel (book preview)

Book Cover

Transforming Travel: Realising the Potential of Sustainable Tourism by Jeremy Smith.

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Table of Contents
1: Foreword
2: Introduction
3: The Transformative Hotel
4: Transforming Tours and Experiences
5: Transforming Places
6: Transforming Transport
7: Transforming Communication
8: Transforming Tourism
9: Further Reading

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Transforming Travel combines stories from leading companies, interviews with pioneers and thinkers, along with thorough analysis of the industry’s potential to make lasting, positive change.

– A unique collection of case studies and stories of the most successful, inspirational, impactful and innovative travel businesses in the world.
– A vital presentation of the latest research and statistics on the positive impacts and potential of transformative, sustainable tourism,
– A positive and realistic vision of the scope of tourism to promote sustainable development at a time when travel and interaction with foreign cultures is facing numerous existential challenges.

Written in a highly engaging style Transforming Travel presents an urgent argument for transforming tourism so it might reach its potential to promote tolerance, restore communities and regenerate habitats, while providing a vital guide for anyone looking to develop the successful sustainable tourism enterprises and destinations needed to do so.

Transforming Travel: Realising the Potential of Sustainable Tourism (CABI Concise)

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