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Transitions AbroadTransitionsabroad.com compiles resources for countries around the world, while drawing from its ever-growing article archives to offer some of the most complete information for cultural immersion travel, study, work, and living to be found on the Web.

The print magazine debuted in 1977 and published some of the most forward-thinking essays. The site is regularly updated with new features, many of which are the result of contests. Yes, they pay for good travel writing.

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Writer’s Submission Guidelines and Travel Writing Contests
Writer’s Guidelines for Paid Article Submissions
Transitions Abroad

What distinguishes is a desire to learn from our hosts and openness to change - Clay Hubbs @TransAbroad

On Civility
1/ Examples of civility have been experienced by most travelers, where hosts offer help with language, food, shelter, advice, and more with respect for the individual regardless of national origin. We have experienced this in our travels worldwide and do our best to reciprocate.

2/ In our attempt to reciprocate civility we do our best to observe and respond respectfully to our hosts and offer up individually and culturally sensitive words, actions, shared laughter, and more. Prior knowledge of the host culture is helpful but basic sensitivity goes far.



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