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Threatened Species Forum in Western Australia #TSforumWA

To address the decline of Australia’s threatened species, Natural Resource Management WA (NRM WA) and Western Australia’s seven regional NRM groups, together with the Department of Biodiversity Conservation  and Attractions, are pleased to host the WA Threatened Species Forum – which will be held in Geraldton, WA on September 7-8, 2017. Hashtag: 

Threatened Species Day is held every year in Australia on September 7. Hashtag:

This will be the second time the WA Threatened Species Forum will be held in Geraldton, with the inaugural event in 2015 bringing together more than 180 people from a cross-section of society with a common concern for WA’s animals and plants.

The WA Threatened Species Forum will provide an opportunity to inform attendees on the priorities of current national, state and regional threatened species strategies; and an opportunity for attendees to share information on activities and interventions, science and solutions for protecting and recovering Western Australia’s threatened plants and animals. This forum will also support regional communities by creating awareness about current and future challenges and opportunities, ensuring a more action-based, prioritised, targeted, and coordinated approach to managing the threats and conserving the habitat of our animals and plants, thus giving them a better opportunity to survive and thrive.

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