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Links to various TV shows presented in somewhat random fashion:


Richard Thomas Welcomes New Walton Family & The Celebration of Faith In CW’s ‘The Waltons’ Homecoming’

La Brea

Fairly oddparents

Agents of Shield
We knew that our show did really well with people recording it and watching later, but not by the metrics the networks still really wanted, which was watching it live with commercials. –

American Pickers
The American Pickers guys are fighting online, and it’s getting pretty dirty – AV Club

Battlestar Galactica‘s Bear McCreary Knows What Concert Nerds Have Been Missing

Big Bang Theory

Black Mirror

Baking Show

Oral History – GQ
Baseball on Cheers

Chico and the Man
José Feliciano – Chico And The Man Theme

Daily Show
How Jon Stewart Took Over The Daily Show and Revolutionized Late-Night TV: An Oral History

David Letterman

Fixer Upper
Chip and Joanna Gaines on Walking Away From ‘Fixer Upper’

Flight of the Conchords
Bret McKenzie, please respond to Jemaine Clement’s motherflippin’ emails

‘Foundation’ Finally Exists. But Is It Any Good?
Foundation: The ‘unfilmable’ sci-fi epic now on our screens


Friday Night Lights
Friday Night Lights Democratized TV Drama – The Atlantic

Galavant Wiki

Great British Bake Off
The ‘Great British Bake Off’ Hall of Fame

Hill Street Blues


Judge Judy / Judy Justice

“If you run into an asshole in the morning”

Larry Sanders
The Inside History of ‘The Larry Sanders Show’

No, They Weren’t Dead the Whole Time An oral history of Lost’s daring, divisive finale, our last truly communal broadcast TV experience.
The Hatch Podcast@TheHatchPodcast
Buzzword Bingo: Lost

Mr. Mayor
Thank you for telling me that.
High school never ends.

Mr Robot

Alive – Arcade – Bonsoir – Data – Decryption – Hack – Loyalty – Monologue – Popcorn – Revolution – Second Stage – Subtext – Uncanny Connection

Mrs Maisel


Northern Exposure
‘Northern Exposure’ Stars Rob Morrow, Janine Turner & More Explain Why CBS Cult Fave Was “Groundbreaking” For Its Time – Vulture Festival

Other Space

Price is Right

People of Earth

Barn – Binder – Carpooling – Coffee – Empathy – Experience – Family Meeting – Freedom – Hard Out – Healing – Iceland – Listen – Mission – Overwhelmed Grad Student – Rogue – Sponsor – Therapy


South Park
How ‘South Park’ Pulled Off That (Remotely Produced) Hourlong Special

Sunrise Earth
Sunrise Earth
Sunrise Earth – Wikipedia

The Tick
Amazon Prime – Arthur – Chum – Destiny – Keep It Real – Obsession – The Terror – The Tick – Wild Blue Yonder
– Destiny is on the phone, but it’s calling collect

Twilight Zone

Twin Peaks

How the Trump Era Wrecked ‘Veep’
‘Every Day Was Like a Veep Episode’: The Veepiest Moments of the Trump Era

Wanda Vision
They’re bringing out the medium-sized guns, folks! – Recap: While You Were Blipping

What We Do in the Shadows

White Lotus
The White Lotus is as clueless about Native Hawaiians as its characters – Vox
How ‘The White Lotus’ turned a $9,000-a-night resort into the ‘hotel from hell’



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