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Welcome to the #Twistance

Following up our feature on the Twitterstorm kicked up by Badlands National Park, the hashtag that sums up the week’s viral storm combines Twitter and Resistance in the colorful 

Kudos @StollmeyerEU for the helpful Twistance list curating ‘rogue’ federal science agencies. She’s Twistance 2 with other rogue departments.

Those launching the rogue sites share a mission of sharing science being done by agencies currently under media blackout.

Now if we can only get some people to sort through and make something out of this ocean of data. Where is the conversation? Everywhere.

We’re ready to hear a new story – one that connects the dots among the various entities of officials who feel they need to be anonymous while citing scientific findings. What’s been missing in the conservation and climate change camps are real-time resources that answer public queries and doubts.

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