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What would the Twitter literate like others to know about the platform? Presenting relevant links in a somewhat random fashion:

Twitter CEO: ‘We need to be prepared for all scenarios’
Elon and the Twitter quitters – Vox
Why Twitter Is Unlikely To Become The ‘Digital Town Square’ Elon Musk Envisions
Twitter change leaves huge gaps in websites
What do ‘lurkers’ get out of Twitter?
Can We Live Without Twitter?
Twitter politely asks you to protect its targeted ad dollars in new iOS 14.5 prompt
Supreme Court vacates lower court decision on Trump blocking Twitter followers
Here’s what Twitter’s rumored ‘undo send’ feature could look like
Retweets are back to normal as Twitter ends its quote tweet experiment
Twitter’s faster, redesigned site starts rolling out to everyone
Twitter will launch a reply-hiding feature in June as part of its latest moderation push
Zuckerberg On Twitter: ‘They Drove A Clown Car That Fell Into A Gold Mine’

Translating: Excellent! Can you tweet this?
Spanish: ¡Excelente! ¿Puedes tuitear esto?


Verification / Verify / Verified Account
You May Never Get Verified on Twitter – Gizmodo
Twitter says anyone can now apply to have a verified account – Axios

Twitter Spaces

Embedded Tweets

Is Twitter down?

Tips: Levels of Engagement
Be attentive – Take a look at someone’s twitter account
Be attentive – Check out interactions, aka notifications
Be attentive – See who has mentioned you
Be generous – Give kudos to someone by mentioning them in your tweet
Be generous – Retweet favorite messages
Be creative – Add your picture to your Twitter Profile
Be creative – Create your own Twitter list
Be curious – Search for a topic or place of interest in which you are not intimately familiar

Twitter: Levels of Engagement – Niveles de Compromiso (tools)
Be attentive
Check out notifications

Be creative
Add Twitter Widget to your website or Facebook

Be generous
Add a star to your favorite tweets
Embed RSS
Retweet (RT)

Be curious
Search for a topic or place

Tech Tip
Where is the Return key in the Twitter app for iOS?

Cue Yourself
Modified Tweet: Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these tweets must show.

Twitter says to Facebook
Gabino Cué, Biz Stone Intercambia opiniones sobre Información Tecnológica, Oaxaca

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Subtweeting = Talking about someone without explicitly mentioning them
Example: Bernie Sander speech



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