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Twitter List = Tweets from a curated group of accounts on Twitter

Planeta Lists
City Parks
Mexico/USA Borderlands

Other Examples
tapas members

Core Skills

  • Have you followed a Twitter List? = ¿Has seguido una lista de Twitter?
  • Have you embedded or linked to a Twitter List on your website? = ¿Ha incorporado o vinculado a una lista de Twitter en su sitio web?
  • Are you on the list? = ¿Estás en la lista?


  • How do you transfer a Twitter list from one account to another? = ¿Cómo se transfiere una lista de Twitter de una cuenta a otra?

Elsewhere on the Web

Example: Archaeology
Archaeologists and archaeological organisations – bias towards Ireland, UK, Scotland & environment curated by Adam C Markham

Embedded Tweets

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