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Tzintzuntzan (elevation: 7,000 feet) is a small town in the state of Michoacán. Today, Tzintzuntzan is a small town with two major attractions, the archeological site of Tzintzuntzan and the former monastery complex of San Francisco.

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Located on the southern side of Lake Pátzcuaro, the town boasts about forty olive trees about 500 years old.

The town was the center of the Purépecha, whom the Spanish called the Tarascos. The Purépecha used iridescent feathers of the hummingbirds to adorn their clothing. The name Tzintzuntzan means ‘the place of the hummingbirds.’

Their lands cover what is now Michoacán, some of Jalisco and part of the Pacific coast. Purépecha rule dates from 1100 AD though little remains of the empire.

LOCATION — Tzintzuntzan is 67 kilometers from Morelia and 18 kilometers northeast of Pátzcuaro in the state of Michoacán.

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