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State of Nature 2019

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One in seven British species is threatened with extinction, according to a new report by the country’s main wildlife and conservation charities, The National Biodiversity Network.

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State of Nature 2019
State of Nature 2019: UK’s wildlife loss continues unabated

Key Findings

  • 15 percent of species under threat of extinction and 2 percent of species have already gone for good
  • Average abundance of wildlife has fallen by 13 percent with the steepest losses in the last ten years
  • 41 percent of UK species studied have fallen and 133 species have already been lost from our shores
  • Butterflies and moths, down 17 percent and 25 percent respectively. Numbers of high brown fritillary and grayling butterflies, have fallen by more than three quarters
  • The average amount of mammals has fallen by 26 percent and the wild cat and greater mouse-eared bat are almost extinct

More than a quarter of UK mammals face extinction
UK is in danger of losing a quarter of its mammal population, major wildlife report says – Telegraph



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