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Rolling Blackouts in Texas (February 2021)

Rolling coverage of the February 2021 rolling blackouts and the energy grid in the USA

Also see: load shedding

The Two Hours That Nearly Destroyed Texas’s Electric Grid
Beto O’Rourke said Texas was warned for years about power grid – PoliFact
Biden declares major disaster in Texas after winter storms
A Dangerous Narrative Emerges In The Wake Of Texas Power Blackouts – Forbes
In Texas’s Black-Swan Blackout, Everything Went Wrong at Once
‘Soviet-style’ system led to Texas grid fiasco, expert says
Why the Texas power grid is struggling to cope with the extreme cold
Texas governor calls for emergency probe into state’s power grid

Key Links
Electric Reliability Council of Texas@ercot_iso


Bitter recriminations in Texas after millions left without power and clean water

We are not built for this

Embedded Tweets

A short thread of Texas Republicans sharing their thoughts on rolling blackouts elsewhere


Ted Cruz
How Ted Cruz’s ill-fated trip to Cancun blew up from Twitter rumor to major scandal


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