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Radio Preservation Task Force: From Archive to Classroom

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Radio Preservation Task Force: From Archive to Classroom

Mass-media historians and archivists in the first national attempt to assess the history and record of radio in the United States. Livestreamed sessions included “Indigenous/First Nations Radio” and “Material & Digital Curation.”

Indigenous/First Nations – Friday, 9:10-10:45 (Montpelier)
This panel will address one of the “areas of deficiency” in existing archival radio collections: indigenous/first nations radio. Presenters will discuss the logistics of actual institutional work, describe specific radio work that has captured important political or cultural events, or talk about available collections and areas of study available to researchers. The discussion will reference radio, but it may also feature many cultural historians who work among multiple media.
Moderator: Jenni Monet (Independent Journalist; NFCB Board Member; Laguna Pueblo)
Lina Ortega (University of Oklahoma; Sac and Fox Nation)
Michael Pahn (Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian)
Simon Moya-Smith (Indian Country Media Network & CNN; Oglala Lakota Nation and Chicano)
Loris Taylor (CEO, Native Public Media)
Discussant: Amalia Córdova (Smithsonian Folklife)

RPTF Material & Digital Curation – Friday, 11:00-12:30 (Montpelier) 
Nationally recognized experts from academic, museum, and public sectors discuss strategies for digital and material curation of sound-based materials. Topics of discussion include presentation of preserved historical media, public engagement, and educational application.
Moderator: Matt Barton (Library of Congress and ARSC)
Charles Hardy (West Chester University and National Council on Public History)
Jonathan Hiam (New York Public Library)
Matt Karush (George Mason University and Hearing the Americas)
Elena Razlogova (Concordia University)
Mark Williams (Dartmouth College and Media Ecology Project)
Thomas Witherspoon (Shortwave Radio Audio Archive)
Betsy Peterson (American Folklife Center)
Carlene Stephens (Smithsonian Museum of American History)

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