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US/ICOMOS 2017 Annual Report

Just in time for World Heritage Day, US ICOMOS has released its annual report of accomplishments in 2017.

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Excerpt: Advocacy
Because of the wide range of challenges and disruptions taking place to effective heritage conservation in the US in 2017, US/ICOMOS has found it necessary to elevate advocacy as a core activity. With a network that includes monthly information sharing meetings with representatives of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Preservation Action, the National Association of State Historic Preservation Officers, the National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers, the Coalition for American Heritage, and many other important national heritage conservation organizations, US/ICOMOS has publically taken positions and issued statements in 2017 on the following:

  • Executive Order of April 26th 2017, Review of Designations Under e Antiquities Act
  • America’s Intention to Withdraw from UNESCO
  • US Engagement in the World Heritage ProgramThe critical need for continued, focused advocacy efforts by US/ICOMOS, in concert with its allied partner organizations, was a major theme of the November 2017 Leadership Forum. A draft resolution on the continued engagement of the US in the World Heritage Program resulted from the closing plenary, in light of the announced withdrawal of the US from UNESCO at the end of 2018. at resolution, as well as the findings of the Leadership Forum and proposed next steps for advocacy will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees in January 2018 and acted upon early in the new year.

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