Wikipedia: Vaquita = species of porpoise endemic to the northern end of the Sea of Cortez/Gulf of California in Baja California, Mexico. Averaging 150 cm or 140 cm in length, it is the smallest of all living cetaceans

The ocean’s rarest mammal has a few final lessons to teach us – Vox
A Porpoise at the Precipice – Should We Let the Vaquita Go?
In Mexico, A Last-Ditch Effort To Save The Vaquita, On The Verge Of Extinction – NPR
30 Vaquita Porpoises Are Left. One Died in a Rescue Mission – NYT (2017)

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Especies en Riesgo
Proyecto de cooperación internacional que contribuye a la conservación, conectividad y manejo sustentable de 14 especies en riesgo y sus hábitats en 21 ANP, implementado por PNUD México y CONANP con recursos GEF.


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