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Las Vegas History

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Spotlight on Las Vegas History


The Forties

The Thirties

Funded by the Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial, “The City of Las Vegas: The Thirties” focuses on life in Las Vegas in the 1930’s. The episode will feature how the Hoover Dam, gambling, weddings, divorces and more helped shape the city. All episodes were produced by Boyd Productions LLC.

The Twenties

The Early Years 1905-1920

“The City of Las Vegas, the Early Years,” was commissioned by the Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial, and focuses on the founding and first 20 years of the community from 1905-1920.

The documentary was funded by the Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial. The commission has established a grant program to support community initiatives that are of a historic nature, by utilizing the revenue generated from the special commemorative Las Vegas Centennial license plate.

Sun, Sin and Suburbia
Schumacher’s history also profiles the Las Vegas where more than two million people live. He explores the neighborhoods sprawling beyond the Strip’s neon gleam and uncovers a diverse community offering much more than table games, lounge acts, and organized crime. Schumacher discusses contemporary Las Vegas, charting its course from the nation’s fastest-growing metropolis to one of the Great Recession’s most battered victims.


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