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Marijuana has been legal for adults in Las Vegas since 2017, when the state of Nevada voted to legalize recreational marijuana. Since then, the city has seen a surge in marijuana-related businesses, including dispensaries, cultivation centers, and testing labs.

The legalization of marijuana in Las Vegas has been a boon for the local economy. Dispensaries have created hundreds of jobs, and the city has seen an influx of visitors who come to take advantage of the legal marijuana. The city has also seen an increase in tax revenue from marijuana sales, which has been used to fund public services such as education and infrastructure.

The city has also become a popular destination for marijuana-related events including cannabis-focused conferences, festivals, and concerts.

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Health for Life

Local Producers

Places to check out: Health for Life
200 East Charleston (and Casino Center Boulevard)

For us, it’s really about taking a building that hasn’t been up to par for a few years, clean it up and make it a focal point for the community. There’s always been a synergy between cannabis and art.
– General manager Tyler Brennan, quoted in Las Vegas Weekly:
Health for Life quadruples its commitment to the Arts District with four colorful murals
Health for Life

Geoff Carter: The windowless building presented four long, inviting surfaces for murals. Smartly, Health for Life gave each wall to a different artist: the north wall to EQLD Creations (Instagram: @anthony_n_ortega), the west wall to Brett Rosepiler (@brettrosepiler), the south wall to Black Sheep One (@black57tcb) and the east wall to Eyelien (@guileemes). And while the pieces are in markedly different styles, they share a similar palette, which makes those four walls feel like all of a piece.


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