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What would locals like others know about greater Las Vegas’ city parks? Presenting relevant links in somewhat random fashion:

VIDEO: el sur de Nevada tiene muchos recursos naturales y debes visitarlos y conocerlos – Telemundo

Frenchman Mountain

Nevada Division of Forestry
The Las Vegas State Tree Nursery – 9600 Tule Springs Road – produces plant materials native or adapted to the Mojave Desert. The state nursery program can produce up to 250,000 plants each year and has experience growing 250 different plant species.

Mountain States Nursery Plant Sheets – This website provides many descriptions and photos of plants grown at the Las Vegas State Tree Nursery.

Trees for Tomorrow, a Southern Nevada Guide to Tree Selection and Care – A guide to help homeowners select and successfully establish trees. The trees listed in the guide are tolerant of heat, cold and wind, moderately fast growing, adapted local soil conditions, provide good shade, are water efficient, and low-maintenance.

Best Management Practices (BMPs) Guide for Urban Trees in Southern Nevada – This Nevada Division of Forestry BMP guide was developed as part of the Nevada Shades of Green project to increase awareness about the value of community trees in improving air quality, and the quality of life. The guide contains BMPs for tree selection, establishment, maintenance, and protection.

Master Plan

Master Plan and Parks Master Plan Public Meeting (2021)

Baker Park

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