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Immersive stories in H2O conservation, management, and recreationLas Vegas // Historias inmersivas en la conservación, gestión y recreación de H2O – Las Vegas’s Las Vegas DIY Water Tour, includes contemporary and historical views of the wet spots and water usage in Southern Paiute land, the Mojave Desert, and the waterways of southern Nevada including Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, beaches on the Colorado River, and off-the-beaten-path sites including downtown’s Old Fort, Clark County’s Tule Springs and Wetlands Park, Henderson’s Bird Viewing Preserve, Cornerstone, Horizon Crest Park, Pittman Wash, and further out the Desert National Wildlife Refuge and Spring Mountains. The list goes on – obviously, everything can be connected to water.

Older headlines and additional resources are curated on the Vegas Water Links.

Inside Las Vegas’ legislative push for tools to reduce water use before any big cuts come
Even Sports Stadiums Have to Adapt to the Southwest’s Water Crisis – New Republic
Pipeline’s end brings relief to eastern Nevada — for now – Review Journal
Las Vegas isn’t betting on Mother Nature to solve its water problems. Here’s how it intends to win
Record Drought Shrivels Lake Mead With No Easy Answers On Tap

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As of December 2022, Lake Mead continues to shrivel, exposing ghost towns, sunken boats, and disturbingly in 2022, human skeletal remains. The drought is threatening marinas with the national recreation area hosting public meetings on short- and long-term changes.

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  • Which bars and restaurants downtown have outdoor seating and water misters? // ¿Qué bares y restaurantes del centro tienen asientos al aire libre y rociadores de agua?

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