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Las Vegas DIY Water Tour


One of the most interesting case studies in H20 conservation, recreation, and management, is Las Vegas, city proper and surrounding valley. Snapshot. As of August 2022, it’s monsoon season in the desert with breaking headlines flooding. Meanwhile, Lake Mead continues to shrivel, exposing ghost towns, sunken boats, and disturbingly in 2022, human skeletal remains.

Planeta.com’s Las Vegas DIY Water Tour, includes a contemporary and historical view of the wet spots in the Mojave Desert and the waterways of southern Nevada including Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, beaches on the Colorado River, and off-the-beaten-path sites including downtown’s Old Fort, Clark County’s Tule Springs and Wetlands Park, and Henderson’s Cornerstone and Horizon Crest.

Record Drought Shrivels Lake Mead With No Easy Answers On Tap

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