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Fifth World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy (2017)


The Fifth World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy will be held from October 5-8 at the National Arts Center (Cenart) in Mexico City.

Hashtag: #VFMGM

The event features  80 traditional Mexican cooks and 50 food and food specialists from Mexico, the United States and Canada. Chiapas, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Oaxaca, Sinaloa, and Tabasco among the gastronomic destinations that will be present.

This year, the Forum will be dedicated to “Mexican Cuisine in North America: Producers, creators and entrepreneurs in the same dish”, under which will address issues concerning the links between the actors that drive our culinary culture and our food system in the national territory, in the American Union and in Canada.

In this fifth edition, visitors will find:

Conferences, round tables and culinary demonstrations
Cultural program
Meetings and business tables
Market of Mexican producers
Traditional food and beverage producers
Mexican kitchens: traditional cooks from different regions of the country will offer their products and preparations to the attendees
Culinary culture: books, art and crafts for the table and the kitchen
Expo gastronomic destinations of Mexico
Children’s space
Traditional cooks competition: innovation, rescue and binomial local product-preparation
Gastronomic Carousel of North American Cooks and Chefs
First Prize for the Merit of Mexican Gastronomy 2017

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Facebook event page
YouTube: World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy


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