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Virtual Conference

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Virtual Conference = Online event in which remote participants access presentations and collaborative networking

Also see: online conference

Making the most of an online conference
If you want to participate …

  • Register.
  • Make time available.
  • Consult the background reading / previous videos
  • Participate. Don’t lurk. At traditional conferences, you are noticed by your physical presence alone. Online hosts and fellow participants need to hear from you.
  • Network. Because the conference is virtual, you can browse messages, participate in online chats and contact other participants. Develop a network of professional colleagues who you can help and who can help you get the work done.
  • Send appropriate messages. Be sure to stick to the topic of discussion. If you go off track, your messages lose value.
  • If you have problems, don’t panic.

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With the number of conferences going virtual, could we also see this as an opportunity to rethink them/ re-evaluate the barriers of entry? Would be awesome if this was an opportunity to amplify voices in those spaces who might otherwise not have had the opportunity to attend. @becsjarvis

No One: Academics: It’s a shame this conference is online… I would much prefer the State fund and fly me to an otherwise cost-prohibitive conference at the Hilton in NYC, where I’ll present my research for 12 mins to nobody, and then drink wine with my buds for five days.

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Be prepared to be surprised.
– Harrison Owen, Open Space Technology



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