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Virtual Tour = Travel by Internet = Viajar por Internet

Planeta.com has been offering virtual tours of friends and places around the world for nearly 30 years. It took some imagination with the early clip art, but we’ve journeyed together with the advancement of cool, affordable technology.

Not all virtual tours are VR-based. Some are on-demand slide shows and explainers – here is how to go from Point to Point B. Oh, by the way, here are a multitude of options that you decide how and whether to take advantage of based on your curiosities and cravings.

Vrtual tours range from promotion to substitution. Virtual tours take multiple forms and can include slide shows, video, photos, and conversations.

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  • Would you be interested in recording/streaming a video tour of your workshop? = ¿Estaría interesado en grabar / transmitir un video tour de su taller?
  • What places – real or imaginary – would you like to see? = ¿Qué lugares, reales o imaginarios, te gustaría ver?

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