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Image: Culture is Life

Spotlight on Wayne Quilliam, the “creative Aboriginal artist and philosophical dreamer playing with light” whom we had the pleasure of meeting at the 2007 Aboriginal Tourism Australia conference. New book in 2021: Culture is Life. Must listen conversation via Late Night Live. This is how you celebrate NAIDOC Week: education.

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Wayne Quilliam; Culture is Life – Late Night Live – Adjunct Professor Wayne Quilliam’s camera has been his ticket around the world. From picking up his first camera whilst serving in the navy, to now having held over 300 exhibitions across the globe and being published in over 1000 publications, he is one of Australia’s pre-eminent Indigenous photographic artists, curators and cultural advisers.

The Art of Wayne Quilliam revealed
Two decades of Indigenous photography: the work of Wayne Quilliam – in pictures


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