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This week (October 2018) on Radio National: Michael Mackenzie visits Australian photographer Warren Kirk whose work is one of the highlights on Flickr.

‘Westography’ documents the fading social landscape of the western and north-western suburbs of Melbourne and the western arc of country Victoria, Australia.

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Saving ancient suburbia one photo at a time – Every day Warren Kirk loads his one-eyed dog Ocky into a van, and goes looking for the people, buildings and stories of an Australia that’s being renovated and erased out of existence.


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Westography: Warren Kirk turns Flickr photos of ageing Melbourne into book

Westography Book
The cumulative effect of Warren Kirk’s photos is a slowed-down mood, respectful, drily comic, almost other-worldly. I have always suspected and hoped that such an element might still exist, somewhere in the city I’ve lived in for most of my life, but until now I had no idea where these secret places were, or how I could go looking for them. To contemplate them through the Westographer’s eye is to be drawn into a strangely calming, deeply benevolent parallel universe. – Helen Garner


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