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‪What is the quality of our data?‬

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‪What is the quality of our data?‬ Also, do we have access?

Translating: What is the quality of our data?‬
Spanish: Cual es la calidad de nuestros datos?
French: Quelle est la qualité de nos données ?
Swedish: Vad är kvaliteten på våra data?

COVID19 Tracking announced the launch of a new state grading system.

“Our new state grading system is meant to define and measure what we think of as standard requirements for complete and meaningful COVID-19 public health reporting. We built these updated standards in response to requests by medical professionals, public health researchers, local reporters, and the public. The updated scoring system is the result of a month of research, discussion, and data-crunching with representatives from each of these groups, and sets a more comprehensive and exact standard for US COVID-19 reporting. The new system aims to fairly evaluate states across the metrics that matter most in this ongoing outbreak. These metrics include testing, patient outcomes, patient demographics, and data format. See our grading guide for a detailed breakdown of the new system.”

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